We build your digital presence.


Building digital presence involves much more than just creating a responsive website.

Before creating a website, Magic endeavors to understand the companyĺs objectives and conversion metrics, for example, generation of leads for the commercial area. Our projects are created with extremely clear targets, and targeted at our customersĺ main purpose.

Defining a companyĺs presence and digital communication strategy is, therefore, establishing how it will present itself to its audience through the different resources available in the online media.

Websites are the most traditional format and define the essence of the corporate presence. In a world where most users access the internet through mobile devices, mobile-friendly websites have become fundamental for the success of any brand.

Hot sites or landing pages are also important resources that can be part of a consistent plan, as can e-mail marketing, Online Media (advertising) purchasing, social media management and, in particular, content marketing. Generating authorial or branded content contributes to a better indexing on Google and other search sites, through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

In order to ensure brands a full digital presence, Magic Web Design has exclusive hosting infrastructure, with managed servers and cloud clusters, in data centers in the United States. Services and equipment are maintained and managed by Magic, with 24x7 support and monitoring.

A successful digital strategy will lead the audience to the desired conversion, whether this is purchasing a product, contacting the company or even improving branding and increasing awareness (brand perception).

Count on Magic Web Designĺs two decades of expertise to build your companyĺs digital presence.

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