Performance Media

AdWords, Programmatic, Display, Social and much more.


Why and how to invest in Online Media?

The entire online marketing strategy, including branding, website construction and social media management, will lead to the final stage, i.e., Advertising, or purchase of Online Media.

The large diversity of investment opportunities requires a specialized agency capable of in-depth understanding of the company objectives and draft a strategy that enables reaching a segmented and qualified public.

The following standout among the wide range of advertising modalities that Magic works:

Sponsored Links or Google AdWords

these are the traditional search or keyword purchase campaigns, targeted at positioning through active search results, i.e., attracting users when they are searching a given topic.

Media Display

involves creation of banners and graphic pieces to impact consumers indirectly, while they are involved with their browsing topic, or when deemed eligible for the segmentation proposed. Media display, known in particular due to the Google Display Network, is an excellent platform to drive brand awareness.

Social Ads

different ad types and formats that can be generated to impact consumers during their access to social media, such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Through social media ads, users are encouraged to click on websites, make purchases, watch commercials or even supply their personal data for a sales team to contact them (in short, generate conversion).

Programmatic Media

automated ad purchasing with high level user profile segmentation, by using DSP (Demand-Side Platform), Trading Desk and DMP (Data Management Platform). In general terms, the process involves a platform that establishes, in real time, the ad to be displayed to each individual browser, according to that userĺs conversion potential.

Define the correct strategy, invest and compare results to obtain better conversion outcomes and ROI (return on investment) is the role of a digital agency.

Thinking about starting an performance media campaign?

Count on Magic.

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