We create brands and conceive strategies.


Branding: the process of creating and positioning a brand. Rebranding: rethink and reposition.

Rebranding: repensar e reposicionar.

Create a brand requires much more than artistic capability. Branding agencies must understand and, often, plan the company strategy even before starting to conceive the identity.

The process used by Magic flows through market surveys and competition mapping, helping brands to understand their space and determining the best positioning strategies.

In over two decades on the market, Magic has helped hundreds of companies to enhance their communication, creating or evolving the visual identity of their logos and defining their positioning and approach for the target audience.

The increasingly more present actions of brands in social media requires a very well-conceived branding, which is part of our strategy planning: understand the essence of a company, reflect on their positioning through their language and persona (tone of voice).

Restructuring a company identity, or rebranding, is necessary when continually changing markets force changes in direction, evolution of positioning ľ rethinking its essence. Changes demand a clear demonstration of evolution, and our work seeks to reflect this.

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