Ademilar Consórcio de Investimento Imobiliário was established in Curitiba and has several units throughout the country.

Specializing in real estate property consórcio, Ademilar is the state of Paraná’s largest real estate property consórcio administrator and has already sold credits in excess of 14 billion reais.

Website / Social Media / Intranet / Extranet

Web Site Focused on Leads

Ademilar’s website is responsive, mobile-friendly, optimized to provide financial simulations of real estate property consórcio, online customer service and internal areas for holders of consórcio quotas and representatives.

Intelligent Simulation

The website features a range of simulation options, including credit or installment amounts, real estate retirement or property consórcio.

The entire simulation process generates commercial leads for the company team and representatives, with contacts being distributed according to customized rules based on the customers region.

Multiple Contact Points

The website is a complete digital presence integrating several customer communication channels, including chat, telephone, contact forms and all social media.

Management Interface

The system’s back office features a lead allocation control, enabling querying a number of management reports, checking eventual leads that were not followed and perform other administrative tasks.

Marketing Digitalcom eCampaign contents

Social Media

Ademilar has presence in different social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Conversation with consumers, conjugating interaction and branding, is a fundamental aspect of the companies business strategy.

Blog“Property, Tips and Decoration”

The Ademilar blog was built with the objective of guiding consumers having or intending to have their own space to live. Thee content marketing strategy attracts thousands of users a month to the brand website, and offers integration to the consórcio simulator, playing a relevant role in lead generation for the commercial team.

Performance Media

Ademilar’s strategy is rounded out by the purchase of performance media in different channels, ranging from AdWords to Social Ads.

Intranet Representative’s Area

Magic developed for Ademilar a solution for representatives to access technical files, notices, simulations and a contact interface to reach potential customers. The Intranet is a fundamental contact point/touch point for the organization’s sales force.

ExtranetConsórcio Quota Holder Area

Through the Extranet, consórcio quote the holders have access to check the consórcio quotas, second copy of payment coupons and other functionalities, thereby guaranteeing a constant digital contact with the brand’s audience, whose needs are largely met through the login at the website.

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