Laguna Realty is reference in construction of high-end residential and commercial buildings, located in the nobler regions of Curitiba.

The real estate developer has been on the market since 1996, and in these 22 years pioneered the implementation of the internationally recognized green seal LEED in Brazil.

Web Site Focused on Leads

Laguna Realtyĺs website is responsive, mobile-friendly, optimized to display the companyĺs commercial and residential property within an objective browsing flow, with a view to capturing commercial leads.


Each venture has its own personalized pages that act as landing pages for digital marketing campaigns, containing picture and video galleries, tracking of worksite progress and a host of other details. This method permits measuring ROI and control of conversion by ad segment.

In addition, there are other landing pages created for specific campaigns, but not directly linked to the website browsing menu.


The objective of the fixed contact bar is to facilitate interaction with users and enable a range of different contact options: WhatsApp, e-mail or telephone, among others. This is a way of capturing leads at any moment during the customersĺ browsing.

Social Media with Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Brand GeneratedContent

Lagunaĺs digital marketing strategy begins with the corporate blog, which publishes authorial/branded content targeted at topics of interest for the high-end property market. Lagunaĺs Blog also has specific divisions/areas for each venture, with worksite progress tracking and dedicated posts.


The Inbound Marketing strategy is fully incorporated into the companyĺs blog and the web site. Lead capture is classified into a number of input points, such as sales teams contact forms, newsletter registration, as well as polls and other actions.

Social Media

The company has a number of social channels to add relevant audiences, among these Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. The branding concept is continually reinforced through all the media.

Performance Media

Lagunaĺs strategy is completed with the acquisition of online media in different channels, in line with the campaign and target audience. AdWords, Display, Social Ads and Programmatic Media are among the strategies adopted by Magic for better lead conversion outcomes.

ExtranetCustomer Area

Laguna customers have access to an exclusive area where they can download venture manuals and floorplans, track worksite progress as well as open technical tickets, which are automatically linked/routed to the companyĺs internal system.

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