Over 50% of all Internet browsing is performed from mobile devices like tablets or mobile phones, making it mandatory for companies to define mobile strategies in order not to be left behind. For this reason, Magic develops websites and apps for the main platforms on the market: iOS (iPhone or iPad), Android and Windows Phone.

Websites targeted at smartphones or tablets must have leaner content, taking into account the device screen sizes and be touch screen browsing ready.

Mobile devices are already part of peopleĺs lives and mobile apps are continually gaining popularity, as their importance grows in usersĺ lives. Therefore, companies that bet on mobile apps are able to strengthen their brand before their consumers in a differentiated manner. The apps developed by Magic can be "standalone" or feature connection to management platforms through the internet such as, for instance, in systems that collect the data provided by filling forms in the app.

Over the course of the two decades in which the internet and Magic Web Design have existed in Brazil, communication has evolved. Your agency needs to evolve, too.

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