SEPAC is an industrial concern in the city of Mallet, state of Paran, market leader in the Southern Region and responsible for more than 2/3 of the tissue paper produced in the state.

The product brands produced are: toilet paper Duetto and Paloma, paper towels Maxim and Stylus and disposable diapers BabyBoo.

Institutional Website

The SEPAC website is anchored on strong institutional content, providing information about the company, its mission, vision and values and featuring a timeline from 1977 to date.

Care with social-environmental projects and disclosure of institutional news are strengths in a continually up-dated digital presence in order to always reflect a true view of the company.

The website features a small web app next to the foot of the page linking all the different brands social media and blog feeds.

Product Hotsites

The digital presence strategy conceived by Magic consists is publicizing products through personalized hotsites and configured in domains linked to each brand.

The distribution on exclusive sites enables achieving an important degree of customization and also of search mechanism indexing promotion. The SEPAC website can be visited from inside each page, always in evidence at the top and foot of the layouts.

The BabyBoo diaper line, given the importance of the market in which it is present, received a website with an exclusive digital strategy.

Social Media with Content Marketing

A dynamic space involving products, with engagement content and technical information: the SEPAC blog is the outcome of a content marketing plan conceived to publicize all of the groups brands.

Through the blog, the Facebook pages of all brands can be reached, browse by product or institutional categories and obtain a complete overview of the industry.

Social media are managed according to the relevance of each brands objectives and target audience, involving LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other channels, in line with the strategy plan conceived for the group as a whole.

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