Social Media

Professional management of Social Media is an efficient way of achieving relevance on the Internet. In addition to being an audience relationship channel and a way to promote loyalty and engagement, presence in media such as Facebook also help improve the brandĺs position on Google (white hat SEO). There are many advantages:

  • Being found by interested consumers

  • Expand brand presence and add value to it

  • Direct contact with the desired audience

  • Awareness of what is being said about the company

  • Be and stay ahead of the competition

Magic provides the service and stands out in the Market for producing quality content, in addition to managing media with a view to establishing a bridge between clients and their consumers in a range of different ways:

Blog content

Blogs are powerful tools for companies looking to stand out in the virtual environment. They help improve the brand ranking in Google, leveraging off visits to the website and generating own content for Social Media channels. In addition, when managed well, they bring audiences closer and humanize brands, by dealing with relevant issues for consumers.

Magic analyzes each client to understand the type of content that is of interest and attractive for the target audience and, based on this, develops quality texts, published regularly to guarantee ongoing high relevance for the blog.

Reports and Metrics

Magicĺs clients receive monthly reports informing on their companyĺs performance in the virtual environment. The reports enable tracking the progress of the brandĺs reach in Social Media and, in this way, measure the return of the investment.

The following are some of the options in metrics offered:

  • Social Media:

    number of fans, engagement, reach, messages, topics in communities, most viewed and most shared posts, top fans, among others.

  • YouTube/Vimeo:

    number of fans, engagement, reach, messages, topics in communities, most viewed and most shared posts, top fans, among others.

  • Flickr/Instagram:

    number of views, friends, comments and full set of metrics for most viewed pictures.

  • Twitter:

    number of followers, replies, retweets (RT), picture view totals and other elements, total shortened URL accesses, among others.

Full Scope Monitoring

Full scope monitoring involves analysis of the entire Social Media universe, in addition to the Web, in search of any mention of:

  • Company name

  • Company brands and products

  • Groups of words related to the company or its products

Over the course of the two decades in which the internet and Magic Web Design have existed in Brazil, communication has evolved. Your agency needs to evolve, too.

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