Digital Marketing

Social Media, Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing.


Around 91% of people using social media, do it on mobile phones. More than 50% of businesses already invest in content marketing, while 93% of companies have Facebook business pages. Inbound Marketing generates 54% more leads than outbound marketing.

Success pillars for a digital marketing strategy involve:

Social media

through strategic and tactical planning, we define the segmented audience profile and study the most suitable tone of voice for each channel, conceiving the brandĺs persona and setting objectives for the activity in the different social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and any others.

Content Marketing

Magicĺs journalism team produces authorial content (branded content) for corporate blogs, newsletters and social media, providing opportunities for brand-consumer interactions, driving link building and Google indexing ľ important factors for proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Inbound Marketing

consists in several strategies for lead acquisition, lead tracking and lead scoring, while building customer journeys, scoring diagrams and e-mail marketing cycles that insert potential consumers in purchase funnels. Users with the higher conversion probabilities, based on the scoring earned, are automatically referred for commercial service by the sales teams, through tools with CRM incorporated or integration to external software.


Social media management also involves planning and activation of campaigns, creation of permanent and seasonal themes, publication, interaction and monitoring. Magic acts in the first line of communication with the target audiences, also known as Customer Care 2.0, addressing crises management strategies.

Monthly performance reports are produced for tracking and benchmarking purposes.

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