Web Production

Producing web sites, portals, intranets and systems in PHP for over 17 years, Magic is one of the most experienced and complete digital agencies on the market. Web sites and portals, that may be compatible with a wide range of different devices (including mobile phones and tablets), is performed with the utmost care for every detail:

  • Professional and attractive layout

  • Intuitive browsing

  • Quality content

  • Compliance with global standards

  • Optimization for Google search engine

  • (SEO - Search Engine Optimization)

Development of intranets and complex systems in PHP is another of the agency’s specialties. More than that, this service is part of Magic’s DNA. With a development team certified in the range of security protocols required by banks and other institutions, the company is qualified in delivering tasks requiring data secrecy and protection.

Every website, portal, Promotional Hot Site, intranet and system can be hosted in Magic’s High-Performance Hosting solution.

Over the course of the two decades in which the internet and Magic Web Design have existed in Brazil, communication has evolved. Your agency needs to evolve, too.

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